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Disadvantages Of Distance Learning Essay

Technology is advancing at alarming rates. In order to keep up with this ever growing field new means of education must be implemented. Distance Learning may very well be the best way to reach mass amounts of people rapidly. The advantages of Distance Learning are clear. The results are rapid and affect a broad community of people. Particularly with the field of technology, these qualities are necessary when examining way to teach those eager to learn. However, along with the advantages come the disadvantages.

The purpose of this website is to outline a few of the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning, paying special attention to the field of technology. Cost: The cost of distance learning may eventually be significantly less than that of education as we know it today. Classrooms require books, binders, pens, transportation, and the actual expense of rent. Distance learning may one day rule out al of these expenses. Books may be available online, notes very easily could be taken using any word processor, and rent is eliminated as both students and professors could logon from the convenience of their own homes.

Outreach: The greatest advantage of Distance Learning is its ability to reach many users’ that would otherwise have no way of taking classes. A grandmother may be too embarrassed to go to the local community college and sit amongst 18 year olds fresh out of high school. Distance Learning eliminates the need to feel judged by classmates. This may also help students who have physical or mental disabilities and wish to be home schooled. Another example of the broad outreach Distance Learning accounts for is the person that works 9-5 and has a family to provide for.

This person may not have the time to travel to class, or the money to afford a baby-sitter. Distance Learning allows those with difficult schedules to learn on thier own time. Interaction: A major disadvantage of Distance Learning is the lack of interaction between teacher and student. Even when a lesson is taught live on the internet, the instructor misses cues, such as confused faces, that can only be seen live. The instructor cannot yell at a student for passing notes, or talking to their friend.

Distance Learning may not be for everyone. Those who do not have a strong desire to really learn the material may easily be distracted. Already on the internet, they may be online talking to friends, or playing online pool. When a student needs extra help it may be hard for the professor to guide them without actually being there to walk them through every step of the way. Cheating: When a class is given online, cheating may be very hard to detect. It is very easy to cheat on exams that are given online, in the privacy of one’s home.

Conceivable a student could receive an A in a course that another student took for them. Even at SUNY Albany, there have been cases of student cheating on online quizzes and Web CT submissions. Before Distance Learning is implemented on any large scale, this issue must be further examined. Written by Sara Volkell References Used Deakin, Michelle Bates. 2001. The Failings of Distance Learning. Computer World. Vol. 35. Page 68. Hartley, Sarah. 2001. Twelve Tips for Potential Distance Learners. Medical Teacher. Vol. 23.

Pages 13-15. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education Kateri White Online University Century City, California Getting an online education has become a very popular technique these days. Whether you are looking for a high school diploma or a graduate degree or some specialized certification to supplement your existing knowledge, it is very convenient to obtain these without having to take time off from your schedule to attend a regular educational institution. There are many advantages associated with online study.

Some are given below: • Unlike traditional learning, distance learning can offer you greater flexibility, as you don’t have to waste time- and money- commuting to the campus and you can choose a program that truly suits your interests or professional needs, because you are not confined to the classes that are offered locally. • Another advantage to distance learning is the fact that you can continue to work, because you don’t have to worry about fitting your classes around your job schedule.

• Online programs often cost less than their traditional counterparts, so you can save money on tuition, if you pursue your degree through an online university. • Online study is also a great option for those students with physical handicaps, which may prevent them from traveling to a traditional campus. Likewise, if you are shy, or perhaps even language-challenged, participating in an online course may be the perfect alternative to a live class.

There are some major advantages to online education, including the ability to set your own study time. You may be looking for a promotion or career change that requires additional training or you may simply be ready to learn something new. But with today’s busy lifestyle, there’s little time to devote to regularly scheduled class time. That’s where online education can be a great asset for a motivated person. Although there are many advantages of an online education, there are also some disadvantages.

The fact that you are working on your own could very well be one of the major disadvantages of taking online educational classes. Another major disadvantage is the lack of interaction. You aren’t in a classroom and don’t have the opportunity to hear questions and discussion from other students. This isn’t always an issue, depending on the subject of the online education course you are taking, but it could be an important factor in deciding whether an online education is the best option when seeking out opportunities for learning new skills or gaining new training.

But above all the disadvantages the online education is gaining more esteem than traditional education. This article has been published by Kateri White currently writing on online degree programs topics for our website http://www. onlineuniversitydegreeprogram. info. For more details about the online degree programs, please visit our website. If any mistake found please mail [email protected] com.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

If you're considering online education, e-learning or taking any course or program via online learning, it's worthy to note that this is all regarded as distance learning and there are a few aspects that you need to be aware of, primarily the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

But contrary to what many people believe, the value gained from the advantages far more outweigh the disadvantages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning?

Advantages of distance learning to the learner:

  • Distance learning does not require commuting. This saves you money and time that you would otherwise spend on travel back and forth to school. You can schedule learning around other aspects of your personal and professional life.
  • You can complete most of the classes at your convenience. Most of the classes are asynchronous, which means you don't have to attend a lecture at a particular time and place. You can review the assignments and do your homework during off-hours or from home.
  • Live anywhere, study from anywhere while pursuing the education of your choice. You don't have to live in the same city or the same country to attend the learning institution of your choice. You can study wherever you have access to a computer and Internet connection.
  • Gain extra knowledge. You can transfer the computer and Internet skills that you'll gain in the process of your distance learning experience to other facets of your life.
  • Self-paced learning. For slow and quick learners. This reduces stress and increases satisfaction.
  • Accessibility. Online classes address physical accessibility issues that some people with limited mobility encounter when taking traditional classes. You don't have to worry about gaining access to a classroom or sitting on uncomfortable desks. Instead, you can use your comfortable furniture in your home while enjoying free movement and a chance to further your education.

Disadvantages of distance learning to the learner:

While thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning, pros and cons, one may wonder if there are any distance learning disadvantages. Yes there are several among them:

  • Costly and complex technology. Despite the many opportunities of distance education, there are inevitable accompanying costs. Live video communication for example, requires careful planning of the equipment and facilities. For online learning, you must own a computer (with access to the Internet). This required technology is not always available. Some learners may also be afraid (technophobic) of technology.
  • Advance planning. Both the instructors and students involved in distance learning may need to make sacrifices at times to get things done in time.
  • Hidden costs. If you work for the military for example, and you are on the ship, how do you get your materials? They may need to be mailed in advance incurring extra shipping and handling costs.
  • Distance learning does not offer immediate feedback. In a traditional classroom setting, a student's performance can be immediately assessed through questions and informal testing. With distance learning, a student has to wait for feedback until the instructor has reviewed their work and responded to it.
  • Distance learning does not always offer all the necessary courses online. Students pursuing a specific certificate or degree program may not have all the necessary courses available through distance learning so it is not suited for all subjects. While you can study a history lesson completely online, you cannot perform nursing clinicals online. Thus physical classroom attendance will be necessary to complete the course.
  • Distance learning degrees may not be acknowledged by all employers. Although most employers do acknowledge distance learning, certain employers do not. Students who want to work for a specific employer upon graduation should be sure of that employer's perspective about online education.
  • Distance learning does not give students the opportunity to work on oral communication skills. Students in distance learning courses do not get the practice of verbal interaction with professors and other students.
  • Social isolation. Most often you'll be studying alone. Distance learners may feel isolated or miss that social physical interaction that comes with attending a traditional classroom. However this impersonality has been lessening with advances and use of communication technologies such as bulletin boards, threaded discussions, social networking, chats, email and video conferencing.

Based on your unique circumstances, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning over traditional learning, while also taking into consideration your learning style, and decide which type of education is right for you.

If you're considering to earn your education by distance learning and you're not sure where to begin, we have listed here some of the top schools with online degrees in the United States that you can consider and request information to help make an informed decision.

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