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Marketing Analysis Dissertation

Please review standard structural requirements for dissertations. Team is hopeful that this template along with other writing tips and strategies will help you achieve your professional goals and grow with us.

Sample Topic: International Marketing Strategy and Global Branding Strategy of (Company) Inc.


Table of content

(1.1) Research Backgroup
For example: Market analysis and strategy planning.
(1.2) Study Objective.
(1.3) Research Flow.
(1.4) Methodology
(1.5) Research organization / structure.

(2.1) Market of products
(2.2) Market analysis
(2.3) Review of statistics methodology.
(2.4) Review summary.

(3.1) Research Framework / conceptual framework.
(3.1.1) Primary Data: Potential customer survey, company data.
(3.1.2) Secondary Data: market demand from magazine, population, static method...etc.
(3.1.3) Market scale:
(3.1.4) Market analysis
(3.1.5) Forecast :
a.) Market analysis.
b.) Market structure analysis
c.) Competitor situation.
d.) Customer buyer behavior analysis.'
e.) Market demand forecast.
f.) Market share forecast.
g.) Company scale forecast.
h.) Potential market forecast.
(3.1.6) Multi-/statistics
(a) Marketing policy: marketing policy planning product strategy planning, product promotion....etc.
(3.2) Research Hypothesis
(3.3) Statistical Method
(3.4) Method of Data Collection
(3.5) Conceptual framework:
or a.) Research Framework.
b.) Research Hyperthesis
c.) Statistical Model
e.) Method of Data Collecting.
f.) Interview
g.) Questionnaire Design (If you do questionnaire).
h.) Sampling Design.

(4.1) Population structure.
(4.2) Sample Profile.
(4.3) Reliability and validity of questionnaire (If you do questionnaire)
(4.4) Existing market analysis
(4.5) Potential market forecast
(4.6) Worked strategy suggestion.

Chapter IV- conclusion and suggestion
(4.1) Research finding and suggestion.
(4.2) Strategy Implication.
(4.3) Research Contribution
(4.4) Research Limited.
(4.5) Suggestion for future study.


Guide Overall:

Dissertation is far more ANALYTICAL than a plan, still based on facts and statistical data. Therefore, avoid making a conclusion or description according to your judgment only, verify your thoughts with STATISTICS PROOF and ANALYSIS.

To prove your conclusion provide EXAMPLES of some companies or STATISTICS.


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