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Person Centred Approach Essay Outline

My Understanding of Person-Centred Counselling Essay

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Write an essay of your own choice, e.g. “My understanding of person-centred counselling”. Relate and refer to your own life experience and/or your work context.

I am on a life-long path as a Skilled Helper (Egan) with some training in Integrative Psychotherapy. I am currently striving to integrate Carl Rogers’ ideas and practices into my existing knowledge framework whilst attempting to see previously identified phenomena through new eyes. My aim is to use this knowledge to influence my practice as co-creator of therapeutic relationships. My principal aims in this essay are to define some of the basic ideas of Rogers, to then describe how this links and informs his notions of a joint therapeutic endeavour through his Core…show more content…

Rogers seems therefore to be describing an emotional consequence resulting from what the behaviourist BF Skinner called positive and negative conditioning. He conceptualised Conditions of Worth as the limited ways in which a person could see him- or herself as being valued. The formulation was also influenced by psychoanalyst Erik Erikson and his ideas of the early stages of development. Rogers asserted that the child who learns trust and a sense of personal control are more likely to have a sense of self agency and robustness in the face of later difficulties. This comes about when conflicts find a successful resolution leaving both parties emotionally respected and intact. Thus Rogers’ more developed model of how a child is socially instructed can encompass concepts such as shame (Psychoanalysis), Modelling (Albert Bandura) and ideas of Internalization, amongst many others, and as such is more of a meta- model of growth of the personality.

In James’ case he knew that if he worked hard at school he could gain his fathers approval. However it seemed that he was in the shadow of his brother, who was also under the same pressure. He had turned to cheating to get better marks to avoid his father’s disapproval. James’ own sense of right and wrong were being clouded by his loyalty to- and competition with his brother, also his need for approval from his father and his sense of duty to protect his frail mother by “not

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Person-Centered Approach And Its Application To Social Work Practice

There are a number of ways to handle the remediation of troubling situations that involve one or more people. When it comes to social work, the employees and specialists have to get creative when trying to produce a home environment that is safe and acceptable for all family members. While there are many approaches that social workers can choose to use when addressing various situations, one of the most effective approaches is the person-centered approach. This approach will help the social worker to encourage a live that is independent, stable, and acceptable to the people involved. When people are suffering from a crisis, when there are risks that have been identified that need attention, when there is a need for intervention of government programs, and when there needs to be an unbiased evaluation of a living situation there is a social worker assigned to a specific case.

A social worker’s goal is to improve the lives of the people that they work with, and the person-centered approach is a great way to achieve this goal. There are many instances where a social worker is brought in to a case as strictly an observer and evaluator of the stability of the situation. If the social worker is brought in to observe the living situation for children after one of the parents has been sentenced to jail time and the other parent is a habitual offender of breaking the law, then the worker might just be asked to observe the surroundings. This is in an effort to make an evaluation of what the best decision of the courts would be for all of the people involved. The social worker will not know the people that are involved in the situation, and will be an unbiased contributor to the conclusion of the case. The benefits of involving a social worker include the fact that the courts will have the testimony of someone who is dedicated to improving the lives of all people involved in the situation.

The person-centered approach to helping individuals with the integration of a social workers assistance helps in a number of ways. Social workers can employ the use of the person-centered approach to encourage a live that is independent, stable, and acceptable to the people involved. This will help during times of crisis, vulnerability, breakdown of personal circumstances, inter-agency response, and the understanding of the requirements to receive help from the government.