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Bis 220 Week 4 Team Assignments

E-Commerce Strategic Matrix (B2B versus B2C) Topics B2B B2C Cost B2B Costs are shared by organizations within the supply chain. Tangible costs/benefits include reduction of the cost of sales and reduced overhead through the use of paperless transactions (Hotz, 2011). Costs of B2C e-commerce is often always the sole responsibility of the business (Hotz, 2011). Initial and operating costs are ongoing as new updated services and products are continually added and deleted. Consumer Exposure Consumer exposure is limited to business partners within a supply/value chain. Any consumer that can access the Internet may enter a B2C website like, Wal-Mart or, or through the use of search engines such as Google or yahoo. Customer service B2B models do not have the same Customer service options that the B2C model has. For instance, Home Depot uses a third party provider for their B2B process, Sterling Commerce. Issues may take up to 24 hours to be resolved. Wal-Mart has a customer service section built into their B2C website directing consumers to various services and product offerings including shipping methods,

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