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Harvard Gsas Form Phd Dissertation

An application for degree must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the Degree Calendar for a student to receive a degree from a GSAS degree program on one of the three annual degree conferral dates. Students who wish to obtain a degree must formally apply within their my.harvard account. The link can be found on the Student Home page. PhD students must also provide a completion code for the GSAS Exit Survey within the application.

Degree applications must be completed by the student and approved by the appropriate department administrator. In unusual circumstances, late applications may be accepted for only the week following the deadline. A $50 fee will be assessed for late applications.

If a student applies but does not receive the degree during a given degree period, he/she must submit a new application for the degree period in which they intend to graduate.

Degree candidates who will not be receiving their diploma at the Commencement ceremony may indicate on the degree application whether they wish the diploma to be mailed or held for them at the Registrar’s Office.

Online submission of the dissertation via ETDs @ Harvard is required by the Graduate School. Dissertations must be received by 11:59 pm on the deadline date for the given degree period. NO EXTENSIONS TO THIS DEADLINE ARE PROVIDED.

Dissertations should be submitted in their final format, in accordance with the guidelines listed in the Form of the PhD Dissertationbooklet, and ready for publication. The Registrar’s Office will review the document for formatting compliance. Formatting errors may prevent the conferral of the degree and the student may need to apply for the next available degree period. A sample dissertation as well as the Top Ten Common Errors are provided for your convenience.

The following two surveys must be completed and completion confirmation codes provided during dissertation submission.

1. Survey of Earned Doctorates

2.GSAS Exit Survey of Postgraduate Plans

In addition to the electronic dissertation submission, the original complete and signed Dissertation Acceptance Certificate must be delivered to the Registrar's Office, Smith Campus Center, 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 450, Cambridge, MA 02138, by 5:00 PM on the dissertation deadline. This certificate should be typed, printed on watermark paper, and match the dissertation title page exactly. It must be signed by a minimum of three readers, two of whom must be members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.